Who Is Mr. Symes? A MELCon Production

Post date: Sep 8, 2015 12:34:21 PM

Your assignment is to write a MELCon paragraph to answer the question, Who is Mr. Symes? MELCon is an acronym for Main Idea,Evidence, Links, and Conclusion. These are the four components, that if done well, will help you become a better and more persuasive writer. Some of you already know what a MELCon paragraph is and for others its a new concept. No matter who you are you should watch this video for some tips for making your MELCon paragraph the best it can be.

As a note, I would recommend writing down a few tips in your notebook to help them stick with you and to refer back to in the future.

When you are finished with this assignment you should turn in on Google Classroom HERE.