This Week in History

If you are looking for class specific resources try the appropriate Unit Topic.

Revolution of Control

Colonial American Culture And The Roots of Representative Government

The Conditions For REVOLUTION!!!!!!!!!

What conditions were in existence in the North American colonies that made REVOLUTION possible.

French and Indian War

When the world comes together in one place there is bound to be ...Conflict.

To see the resources that we use in class visit the FRENCH AND INDIAN WAR TOPIC PAGE. This page also has materials that could be used to go beyond classroom learning.

French Indian War.pptx


This week we will be discussing, watching examples of, and learning about....CONFLICT.

Balablok, Neighbours, When the Dust Settles and Elbow Room can all be found HERE!

It's already Week 3 (HOMECOMING) and the school year is off to a fast start. This week are are continue our work on writing and getting used to the MELLCon structure. We are introducing some historical primary source materials into your writing this week. This change will require you to take good notes, do some background research, as well as analysis of your learning.

Fault in Our Stars


Resource Packet

Notes Template

MELLCon Organizer



  1. Read Resource Packet
  2. Take Notes
  3. Use Notes to Determine President to be Removed
  4. Write out a convincing MELLCon Essay to explain your decision.

Getting Started


Who am I?

  • Main Idea, Evidence X 3, Conclusion
  • Peer Editing
  • Revision
  • Turn in on Google Classroom


Who is Mr. Symes?

  • Observation
  • Making Inferences
  • Summarize
  • Main Idea, Evidence x 3, Link to Explain x 3, Link to Connect x 3, Conclusion
  • Turn in on Google Classroom


Fault in our Stars

  • Hero Worship
  • Reading Strategies
  • Gathering Historical Text Evidence

First Week in History

This week is all about getting to know each other and a feel for how US History class is going to work and what we are going to be doing.

Here are a few Learning Targets for Week 1

1. Get to know one another.

- Who is _________?

- Who is Mr. Symes?

2. Get organized for future success.

- Google Drive

-create a "US History" Folder

-within the US History Folder create a "History Notes" document

3. Register/Login and use online tools that will be used throughout the year.

- Google Classroom

- Newsela - Who am I? Read and Highlight Evidence

-CommonLit - Invictus - Read and Answer Questions

-GilderLehrman - Register

4. Begin practicing writing process for 8th grade - MELLCon

- Observations

- Making Inferences

- Analysis

- Summary Main Points