Fault in Our Stars

Post date: Sep 10, 2014 1:33:20 PM

A Fault in Our Stars?

I'm proposing that we dynamite one of the faces off Mt. Rushmore and replace it with a better, more deserving individual. Your role within the team is to use your research, writing, and presentation skills to convince an audience of which President should have their face blown to smithereens and which President's smiling face should replace it.

Essential Question: Should our Presidents be "Worshiped"?


Research Phase: 1. Bibliography (minimum 6 credible resources) *Primary Sources are Above and Beyond

2. CRAAP Test summary points for each resource (summary should have a minimum of 3 credibility supports)

3. Research Questions

Writing Phase: 1. Two MELCon Paragraphs (one for removal of a President, second for addition of a President)

2. Third paragraph that answers the Essential Question.

Presentation Skills: 1. Summarize and share with other students your decisions and evidence

2. A visual that uses symbols to represent the new Presidents on the new Mt. Rushmore as well

as a symbolic representation of the eliminated President