A Fault In Our Stars

Post date: Sep 10, 2015 12:27:37 PM

AKA - The Mt. Rushmore Assignment AKA - Whose better? The General, TJ, TR or Old Abe

During History class this year we are going to focus on portraying the whole person when it comes to our historical figures. We want to recognize that many of these characters did great and amazing things for our country, but they aren't gods, they are people who have flaws, like the rest of us. Your job is to renovate the monument to American Presidents by removing the sculpture of one man.

What we are asking you to do is to:

1. Investigate the lives (virtues and vices) of the four presidents on Mt. Rushmore. (Research)

2. Create of a balance sheet for each President. What are their strengths and weaknesses? (Notes)

3. Write a convincing argument, using the MELCon format, for the removal of one of the Presidents from Mt. Rushmore. (Writing)

4. Create a bibliography using EasyBib.com to record the sources you use in your research. (Research)

Look over the research tips tab at the top of the page and the presentation below to guide and improve your search results.

For those wanting to go above and beyond in their work I invite you to investigate and propose a fifth individual that you feel should replace the vanquished President. This person may or may not be a President of the United States. This proposal should take on the form of a second MELCon paragraph.


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Your work will be graded using the standard MELCon rubric as well as a content grade. The content grade will be given based on your explanation and understanding of historical events.

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