Revolution for Control

The British Parliament try to use taxes to raise income following the French and Indian war. How will the colonists respond?

The Boston Massacre? and the Case of the Saucy Soldiers
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        • What are some of the ways the Sons of Liberty use to achieve their goals of minimizing the role and power of Parliament and the King in colonial affairs? Use the text, reading, images and John Adams clips to support your answers.

Small Group Assignment - Create a two sided poster for the Sons of Liberty

Side 1 - Wanted Poster - Sons of Liberty for Crimes Against Humanity

Side 2 - Promotional Poster - Come Join the Sons of Liberty - a Community Organization

PRIORITY - Both sides should have a quote from one of the documents as evidence

SECONDARY - Both sides should have a title, an image, color and group names

POGIL #1 - Tea and the Consequences of Partying

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John Adams

- Tea Act, Tea Party, Coercive Acts

- Natural Rights of Man