Paris Attacks and Syrian Refugees

Post date: Nov 20, 2015 6:30:26 PM

Earlier this week, students shared their feelings and understandings surrounding last week's terrorist attacks in Paris. On Monday when our discussion began I promised to revisit the topic later in the week, when we had more information and could better answer questions. Today we brought the topic back and, most hours, had a quality engaging discussion.

The related topic today directed us to consider how these events effect us here in the US, as well as the status for many Syrian refugees fleeing their war torn nation. We presented two sides of the argument and let the students discuss what comments resonated with them and how they felt at the time.

Many students recognized quickly that both sides of the discussion make legitimate points and that a balance would be ideal, but difficult to achieve.

Above are the videos/audio we used in class. I would encourage parents to discuss these topics with their children and kids to ask their parents what they think about these issues. You can find the top video link HERE and the link to the bottom audio HERE.