French and Indian War

Braddock's Defeat at the Battle of the Monongahela

Essential Question(s)

Standards Directly Addressed in Unit:

  1. WMAS 8.4 - Explain the different interpretations of historical events
  2. WMAS 8.5 - Use historical evidence to determine and support an issue
  3. ELA 8.2 - Determine the central ideas or information of a primary or secondary source; provide an accurate summary of the source.


French Indian War.pptx

Link to open the document. You can use this document to see the speaker notes that go along with the slides.

Summative Assessment

Below you can find links to resources and documents that were used during the French and Indian Unit

60 Min. Report - Gold in the Congo — How does gold fund and fuel the civil war being fought in Congo. Has video to accompany the article.

European Diseases and Native Americans — How did diseases like smallpox effect the native populations of North America. How were those diseases moving among this new population?

Resource Conflict — This page describes historical examples of resource conflict as well as current and potential causes for conflict over resources. Might be a good resource to use when seeking above and beyond opportunities.

Resource Conflict - Global Witness — Specific examples from around the world about the role resources and their abuse fuel conflict.

Specific Resources and Associated Conflicts — Get specifics and documents that detail the role of oil, diamonds, water and minerals play in many of the conflicts that are currently playing out around the world.

United Nations Page on Conflict and Resources — See what the international group has to say about the role the environment can play in conflict, as well as their role in helping prevent it.