Unit Topics


First Quarter

Second Quarter

Causes of the Revolution

Revolutionary War


  • Representation
  • States vs. Individuals
  • 3/5 Compromise
  • Three Branches
    • Legislative
    • Executive
    • Judicial

Bill of Rights

Third Quarter

The Extravaganza !!!?! - This is a personalized learning quarter focused on whether or not our nation was making progress during the 1800's. Below are a list of broad topics, although you as a student are welcome to work on any topic that informs the question above and is of interest to you.

    1. Lewis and Clark
    2. War of 1812
    3. Minorities of the Nation
    4. Mexican-American War
    5. Indian Wars
    6. Go West Young Man!
    7. Technology and the 1800's
    8. Art and Literature
    9. Environmentalism
    10. Women and our Nation
    11. The Progressives

Fourth Quarter

  1. Causes of the Civil War
    1. Slavery as a threat to American Institutions:
      1. Marriage and Family
      2. Capitalism
      3. Representative Democracy
  2. Civil War
    1. Lincoln - Election to Inauguration
    2. Strategies of the North and South
    3. West Point and the Leaders of War
    4. Border States - To Union or Not To Union, That is the Question
  3. Reconstruction
    1. Development of a Recovery Protocol for Civil Wars

All Quarters

During all four quarters we will regularly be discussing Current Events. Students expectations will be to present to the class a topic each quarter.